Thinking Out Loud

A Discourse on Society, Science, Perception, Art and maybe still more…


Welcome to my personal, internet-based, contemplation space, aptly titled Thinking Out Loud. The name was taken after the 1995 album of my all-time favourite fusion guitarist, Frank Gambale.

What is it all about?

  1. Expressing some thoughts and ideas that either fleetingly cross my mind, or occupy my mind pretty much most of the time
  2. Getting feedback and comments on my thoughts as well as hearing view points from other angles
  3. Keeping a log of my “spiritual quests” for future reconsideration
And what are the key points?
  1. I will try to be concise and to the point. I would like people to be able to read my posts, hence I will strive to express in a dense and compact way (not always guaranteed though!…)
  2. Thoughts and ideas come and go with the glimpse of an eye. Most of them are forgotten shortly after their birth. For the others that make it to the short-term memory, I will attempt to make small posts. So, expect this place to be updated with new material rather often
  3. I wil aim to scrutinise whatever I am saying or implying but do not expect me to provide references to sources, as seen in scientific papers. Remember that’s a place for “thinking out loud” and not peer-reviewed source
But what is it definitely not about?
  1. Commercialisation! I am not ever going to use this as a source to make profit out of ads. Any ads that might appear are due to the platform itself and they are not controlled by me. In fact, I strongly encourage you to use the free AdBlock add-on or other relevant software, for ad-free browsing
  2. Promoting goods and services, in accordance to the joint just above
Having said all that, I invite you to read my posts and leave behind your comments.
Signing off,

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