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My First Post, or… Hello World!

This is my very first post in this blog which I decided to start, a mild wintery August (yes, I am residing in the South Hemisphere right now) Sunday evening. The idea struck me just few days ago, while studying for my PhD in the library of the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I am not doing a PhD course in political/social sciences or the media. In fact I’m formally enrolled in the Faculty of Human Sciences but my research is deeply Electrical Engineering-oriented, namely “Binaural Hearing Aid Signal Processing Methods in Complex Acoustic Environments“.

However, this blog will be political and social in it’s nature! The very idea which motivated me to start it all up was to express some of my ideas and thoughts, in a concise (hopefully!) way, while keeping it public and open for review. In this way (again, hopefully…) I aspire to get valuable feedback and comments from friends and readers, concerning issues that often keep my mind engaged. Issues that could span all the spectrum from rather trivial ideas that float in my mind while, say, brushing my teeth, to more fundamental issues like the deep inherent incompetency of the current social and financial structures to support a fair and sustainable model for the society.

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